So excited to announce I’m a #WriteMentor 2019 mentor. I was fortunate enough to be picked as a ninja one last year, which turned out to be lot of fun. My 2018 mentee also had fun. At least, I think she did?

me thinking

Gerardo caught brainstorming his next novel.

Gerardo’s Writing in Numbers

  • ELEVEN years writing experience.
  • THREE YA novels published: Summerlypse Bacon Pieand Fractalistic (Summer 2019).
  • TWELVE published short stories in various magazines/e-zines across the globe.
  • ONE “Best Short Story of the Year” grand prize winner.
  • ONE collaborator for Cultura Colectiva, a digital platform with a combined social media following of 45M+ and 40M+ monthly page views.
  • TWELVE total YA novels written.
  • TWO WIPs.
  • NINETY (or thereabouts) books read per year, including unpublished manuscripts.
  • ONE book blog, where I babble–I mean, review–YA novels and the like.
  • ONE critique group leader.
  • TWO hours a day spent producing words for the masses.

More book info on my Goodreads profile.

Looking for

What am I looking for? Quirky/humorous, character-driven YA CONTEMPORARY with lots of feels, where the plot is a character-growth mechanism.

For example:

  • A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi.
  • Looking For Alaska by John Green.
  • Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have) by Sarah Mlynowski.

Actually, I could name a gazillion more novels, but I won’t!

Not required, but extra points if the novel is #ownvoice. The latter since I’m a LatinX author and love to write about Mexico, even intertwining Español here and there. An out-of-the-ordinary setting is also a plus, like a foreign country.


What kind of mentoring am I offering? The trifecta:

  • Full manuscript analysis with editorial letter.
  • Query polishing.
  • Help with the dreaded synopsis.

My strength is story-wide analysis: Pacing, flow, what-works-what-doesn’t, narrative-to-dialog balance, logistics, staging–that kind of thing. Grammar? Not much. I may point out a typo here and there, but that’s of no importance compared to the whole story.


Who do I want to mentor? Basically, authors who can discuss and follow guidance. In other words, someone who can team up with me to achieve awesomeness! Also, sense of humor is good, because writing is hard, and tweaking and re-writing is harder. And working with a mentor is harderer! Did I mention this is hard?


I work with Word files, using track changes and comments. Email when exchanging files or in need to communicate complex ideas. Otherwise, Facebook or Twitter messaging for quick questions and instant gratification.

Phone calls are out of the question since I’m soft-spoken, have an accent, and tend to ramble like a hungry parrot. Unless you happen to speak Spanish, then we can shoot rapid sentences in Español–como cotorritos de pirata tuerto.


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