REVIEW! As Much As I Ever Could by Brandy Woods Snow

As Much As I Ever CouldSYNOPSIS

Seventeen-year-old CJ Ainsworth doesn’t drive—not because she can’t, but because she won’t.

She’s been living with the guilt of being the sole survivor of the head-on collision that claimed her mother’s and sister’s lives. It’s the reason she refuses to get behind the wheel. It’s the reason her father has nearly abandoned her. It’s the reason she’s sent to piddle the summer away at her estranged Memaw’s house in Edisto Beach.

All CJ wants to do is isolate herself and make it to the trial at summer’s end, where she’ll testify against the stranger who couldn’t keep his car in its own lane.
She doesn’t expect to fall for a boy, especially not Jett Ramsey, a hotshot racing champion destined for greatness on the NASCAR circuit.

CJ’s resolve crumbles when she loses a bet that puts her squarely in Jett’s
driver’s seat. While he patiently reintroduces her to driving, they confide in each other, and CJ learns she’s not the only one silently suffering through a loss.

As their connection deepens, Jett’s focus on the track is called into question. CJ can’t be the cause of another car crash, but her heart is broken either way. Can CJ learn to put her heart in drive? Or will she throw it in reverse.


AS MUCH AS I EVER COULD is a Southern novel that reminds me of the great Sarah Dessen. You know, a lazy beach town, summer, and of course, romance. I love that CJ fights for what she wants, pushing through obstacles and whatnot. A strong female protagonist, she is.

The racing elements of the story combined with CJ’s fear of driving add a special flavor to the story.

Overall, another great novel by Brandy Woods Snow–don’t miss out and read it!

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  1. indiefan20 says:

    I’m 25 years old and I’ve also made the decision not to learn to drive. There’s no trauma or anything, I’m just scared of accidently killing someone because my mind wanders so much. I’d never heard of a book that had a character with the same fear before! In my case, though, it’s probably for the best. :/


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