REVIEW: Devil Springs by Faydra Stratton

Devil Springs


The devil has come to Devil Springs. Except he hasn’t. Not at all. But try and tell that to Mesa Crane’s grandmother, Mayor Avis Kneller. This is not the senior year Mesa had pictured for herself. She’s used to her grandmother’s restrictive dress code and no boys rule, but thanks to some skinny-dipping cheerleaders making some questionable social media posts, Avis is ratcheting up her expectations and decreeing spiritual warfare. Mesa is sick of being bullied into fake piety, but defying her grandmother will mean losing the small freedoms she does have, including her spot on the cross country team. Most unfortunate, since she’s started training with the school’s best (and okay, admittedly hot) athlete, Cody Howard. But when Mesa won’t get baptized—as Grandma Avis mandates—her isolation begins. The actual devil may not have come to Devil Springs, but judgment sure has. Can Mesa endure until graduation? Or will she find the swell of faith she needs to stand up to her grandmother once and for all?


DEVIL SPRINGS starts slow as the story unfolds to what it actually is. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded with a second half that won’t give you a pause to breath. The story revolves around Mesa and her strict-stuck-in-the-50s, extremely-religious grandmother, who sees the devil everywhere, including the small town where they live. Mesa has spent most of her life living with her grandmother and is used to her odd ways, but when her grandmother interferes with Mesa’s college plans, things go havoc.

Overall, DEVIL SPRINGS is a clean read for fans of Footloose and maybe Carry (without the horror). My biggest gripe is that the story takes quite a while to get to the gist of it, and for that story to get engaging.


4 out of 5 stars.

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