me2Hello there,

I’m Gerardo Delgadillo.

Originally from San Francisco and raised in Mexico, I live in the Dallas metropolitan area, which means, my house is somewhere in a distant suburb nobody’s heard of.

My stories gravitate around fifteen-to-seventeen-year-olds, venturing into Mexico, or living in Mexico.  I consider my writing contemporary and realistic. Well, as realistic as it can be. Truth be told, real life can be quite boring.

I spend my days writing, either at my day job coding high-tech software, OR typing YA novels surrounded by lots of caffeine.

Writing journey

I’ve written a grand total of twelve novels and countless short stories over almost a decade. And new content keeps on coming. I can’t stop it. Yikes! But the first three novels were practice–that’s the sad truth. It took me close to 300,000 words (no kidding) to make my writing sort of decent.

So far, I’ve also published three YA contemporary novels, with more looming over the horizon, hopefully to be released before the year 2035 (not a typo). I’ve also managed to publish twelve short stories in several e-zines or indie presses (some of them are now defunct or forgotten). One of these shorts won’t a state-wide-yearly-award! Sorry to say, the publisher is now deader than an out-of-water-for-three-hours fish. But, hey, I won a grand prize.

On a side note, my source of inspiration and research come from my teen children and their dorky friends. Thus, in my novels, you’ll see  “on, no” decisions, “what?” impulsive actions, and fast-n-short dialog.

About my novels

  • My writing is emotional and dramatic, Mexican telenovela style. Er, not that dramatic!
  • Some Spanish words or sentences escape the editors’ sharp eyes and make it all the way to the final novel. I call it free Español lessons.
  • I believe in the Oxford comma, but the Oxford comma doesn’t believe in me. Blarg!
  • I love first person, present tense POV, as in, “I’m the main protagonist, thank you very much, and I’m gonna tell you a story happening right now–look at me!”

Fun facts about me

  • At the tender age of sixteen, when giant lizards ruled the world, I started Dj-ing, spinning vinyl, and all.
  • Cloud computing is my area of expertise–just don’t ask me what cloud computing means.
  • I love football, the one played with the feet by footballers, La Liga from Spain being the best.
  • Two cats and two dogs roam around my house, leaving destruction and hairs behind.